HaiX=Social Listening +Actionable Insights. Save Costs on Social Media,Marketing

Filter the Noise with Human-powered AI and Save 90% of time and make Profitable decisions with Real-time Insights for Leads, Risk, Trending Sentiment from billions of Social Media, Marketing Ads.

Protect Brand's Risk & Reputation with real-time insights, sentiment trends from vast social media, campaigns

Stay Ahead with Real-time Trends,insights from billions of social-media before anyone else

Get real-time campaign performance with audience trends, sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) to your ads

Unlock Opportunities faster with real-time insights from billions of news, social media

Social Listening is not Enough. Get Fast Insights from Billions of Social Media & Marketing data.

HaiX AI is Actionable Intelligence, Not Just a Social Listening tool

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Social Listening tools
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Real-time actionable Insights (Sentiments, trends)
Lots of reports and mentions, less insights.
Too much Information

Trusted by World Leading Companies, Brands

HaiX delivers value in many applications

Brand Reputation

Customer Sentiment

Competitive Analysis

Marketing Performance

PR & Comms

Audience Insights

Fake-Bot Detection

Regulatory Compliance

HaiX Address Many Business Critical Use-cases

Protect and Improve your Brand Reputation with 360 view of Risk, Sentiment

Get real-time view of issues, sentiment and respond fast to dissatistied customers, prospects and protect your Brand Reputation.

Real-time insights on Risk, Sentiment from millions of Social media, ads posts

Our advanced AI detects risk inisghts, positive,negative and neutral sentiments from millions of social media

Be the first to know trends, issues and stay ahead

Track in real-time and act quickly with trending insights on hot topics, issues,sentiments on time

Save costs & improve your Marketing ads /PR efforts

Get real-time Marketing campaign performance as well as audience reactions (positive, negative, neutral) to your ads (fb,insta,linkedin)

Save 20-30% costs with Real-time campaign insights

Save significant costs and adjust the Marketing campaigns with the audience reactions

Early warning alerts to stop crisis

Stop Crisis before it happens with real-time issues, risks impacting your Brand

Improved Sales and grow your Customers with deeper insights

Our advanced AI cut through the nose from social media and filter the opporutinities, leads easily

Track the Insights beyond mentions, analytics

Get audience insights like sentiment, trending issues beyond social media listening like mentions, engagement

Know your customers needs better & Improve customer satisfaction

See in real-time what people like or dislike about your Brand and respond on time

Stay Ahead of your Competitors With Real-time insights

Be the first to know the trends , emerging issues from vast social media and stay ahead of our competition.

Deeper Market Research Insights

Discover new trends, emerging issues before anyone else and make smarter decisions.

Track KPIs, metrics in real-time

See in Real-time how social media trends spread, and track how the conversation evolves


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Read what our customer say about us

“We use HaiX vs. other social listening tools due to its real-time insights beyond just mentions. It Saves us 70% manual time in monitoring our Marketing campaigns & Social Media.”

Jeffrey McDonnell
COO at EDen Energy Group

”We Partnered with HaiX to augment our Credit Rating Engine to augment Market Social Intelligence in helping our clients stay ahead with emerging Risks, trending sentiment, issues.”

Valentino Pediroda
Group CEO, Modefinance

”We use HaiX Actionable Intelligence to monitor in real-time emerging Risk and Issues in a country and our portfolio and advise our Investment Partners to mitigate losses and stay ahead.”

Ralf M
Risk Officer a CFE Group