Alivecore is Next-Gen AI Real time Social Listening Insights Platform.

Data is growing at exponential speed, with millions of articles & feeds from news sources, social media about organisation's reputation, risks, sentiment. It is a challenging task to get key insights quickly.

Alivecore helps companies to track & improve their Brand Reputation with true Customer sentiments & insights by filtering credible content from millions of online media (global & regional news, social media).
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Our Intelligent AI Platform

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Actionable Insights,Sentiments (in real-time)

unstructred data(millions of feeds)

Explainable AI Solution

It is fully explainable AI solution to cater for all personas, from top level dashboard for Directors to detailed analysis reports (news, tweets) insights for analysts.

Enterprise SaaS API ready to use

Many options for UI visualisation - Easy to use and quick deployment with Enterprise API to deliver in days for on-cloud, on-premise, with faster ROI.

Customizable & fast time-to-value

Easy to customise to cater for organisations, with a wide range of built-in alerts, charts, reports to suit various personas and real-time analysis.

Real-time Risk & Sentiment insights
Wherever They Are

Alivecore delivers value in many applications

Brand Reputation

Sentiment Analysis

Portfolio Analysis

Customer Insights

Sustainable Finance

Financial Crime

Regulatory Compliance

Risk Categories


Delighted to see Alivecore is very useful for Modefinance's Quantitative analysis platform for end-end financial rating, risk analysis and stress simulations

Many use-cases, Alivecore can help

Brand Reputation - Better Customer Service

Every Company who wants to improve Brand:Detailed heatmap & dashboard analysis of key issues & trends from your customers from millions of social media feeds to improve customer engagement,optimise Brand position.

Real-time Sentiment analysis

Every Company who needs to understand customers better:Analyses millions of news (Reuters to local news) & social media feeds in real-time, & shows a heatmap dashboard of detailed sentiments with network analysis for actionable decisions

Real-time Client, Portfolio Monitoring

Commercial Banking, Trading etc - Our AI monitors and classify emerging risks, trends from 10000+ news sources for your clients and alert with real-time dashboard with actionable insights and heatmap analysis.

Regulatory Compliance - (AML, KYC)

Risk Function, Compliance , CRO teams - Monitor key risks and warnings about your customers, partners, counterparties with real-time dashboard, key alerts and mitigate risk position efficiency.

Research , Sustainable Finance

Research Analysts, Innovation teams - Monitor key innovation trends like disruptive technology, environmental & sustainable energy insights from organisations and leading brands, with key insights.

Your Unique use-case (customized to you)

Your Business: Our comprehensive product is self-learning (AI) and can fit for many use-cases in brining efficiencies and saving costs. Talk to us,we can help build an advanced AI solution in just few weeks