Alivecore is Next-Gen AI Real time Social Listening Insights Platform.

Data is growing at exponential speed, with millions of articles & feeds from news sources, social media about organisation's reputation, risks, sentiment. It is a challenging task to get key insights quickly.

Alivecore helps companies to track & improve their Brand Reputation with true Customer sentiments & insights by filtering credible content from millions of online media (global & regional news, social media).
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Our Intelligent AI Platform

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Actionable Insights,Sentiments (in real-time)

unstructred data(millions of feeds)

Multimodal AI Social Listening

Empower all user personas with our Advanced AI, providing advanced insights from images, videos, and text. From high-level dashboards for Directors to detailed analysis reports for analysts.

Enterprise SaaS API ready to use

Many options for UI visualisation - Easy to use and quick deployment with Enterprise API to deliver in days for on-cloud, on-premise, with faster ROI.

Customizable & fast time-to-value

Easy to customise to cater for organisations, with a wide range of built-in alerts, charts, reports to suit various personas and real-time analysis.

Real-time Risk & Sentiment insights
Wherever They Are

Alivecore delivers value in many applications

Brand Reputation

Sentiment Analysis

Portfolio Analysis

Customer Insights

Audience Insights

AI Vision and Image Analysis

Influencer Insights & Stats

Influencer Insights & Stats

Many use-cases, Alivecore can help

Brand Reputation - Better Customer Service

Every Company who wants to improve Brand:Detailed heatmap & dashboard analysis of key issues & trends from your customers from millions of social media feeds to improve customer engagement,optimise Brand position.

Real-time Sentiment analysis

Every Company who needs to understand customers better:Analyses millions of news (Reuters to local news) & social media feeds in real-time, & shows a heatmap dashboard of detailed sentiments with network analysis for actionable decisions

Real-time Client, Portfolio Monitoring

Commercial Banking, Trading etc - Our AI monitors and classify emerging risks, trends from 10000+ news sources for your clients and alert with real-time dashboard with actionable insights and heatmap analysis.

Regulatory Compliance & Insights

Risk Function, Compliance , CRO teams - Monitor key risks and warnings about your customers, partners, counterparties with real-time dashboard, key alerts and mitigate risk position efficiency.

Research , Sustainable Finance

Research Analysts, Innovation teams - Monitor key innovation trends like disruptive technology, environmental & sustainable energy insights from organisations and leading brands, with key insights.

Your Unique use-case (customized to you)

Your Business: Our comprehensive product is self-learning (AI) and can fit for many use-cases in brining efficiencies and saving costs. Talk to us,we can help build an advanced AI solution in just few weeks