Stay Ahead with Key Issues

Our advanced AI solutions helped customers in solving complex use-cases:

Real-time Brand Risk, Sentiment tracking

Regulatory Compliance (AML, KYC)

Portfolio Risk & Opportunity Tracking

Unstructured data Insights (LIBOR)

Advanced Predictive Models

ESG Performance monitoring

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Core Solution Offerings

We delivered complex Risk, Regulatory use-cases with advanced AI Solutions

Real-time Risk Insights

Real-time Actionable Insights on any company or portfolio of companies for early-warning emerging risks, sentiment

Regulatory & Risk Compliance (AML)

Holistic Risk analysis, Fraud Detection, anomalies for complex use-cases KYC, Finance Crime

Portfolio Performance Tracking

Real-time early-wanring, Sentiment for tracking of a company or portfolio performance

Real-time Predictive Intelligence

Real-time Predicitive models for complex use-cases like Underwriting, Equity trades etc