Explainable AI brings transparency. We make Explainable AI Accessible.

Our Mission is to bring efficiencies to humans with transparent and trusted solutions.

HaiX is at the fore-front of Explainable AI innovation and latest R&D with our amazing team of Industry experts, AI Phds, Researchers. Our Advanced AI Platform is the secured efficient way to build explainable AI solutions quickly.

We collaborate with leading Institutions in developing state-of-the-art X AI applications to solve complex problems in fact-checking data, unstructured text data analysis.

We help organisations drive strategic value and ROI from AI, with X AI solutions securely.

  • Identify Opportunities with best-fit AI solutions
  • Transparent AI Scalable Solutions
  • Easy Integration with on-cloud, on-premise

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We deliver proven results in weeks, not years. Try our low-risk PoV/Pilot within weeks.

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Assessment & Benefits

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Benefits With HaiX LAB

Our advanced AI Platfrom helped customers in builing real AI application (not just PoC):

Fixed Cost License (60% cheaper)

AI Application Ready in few weeks

Access to Experts

Seamless Data Integration

Built-in Advanced Analytics

Easy to Integrate and Deploy

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