About Image
About Image
Real-time Spatial Object Detection

Advanced Object Detection

We have developed advanced AI computer vision models for precise object recognition in temporal and spatial space with greater levels of accuracy.

We deliver complex use-cases like Image classification, Brand Identification, Object detection, Face detection, and many more.

About Image
About Image
Real-time Object Detection

Precision Object Detection

We have developed advanced AI models for spatial recognition objects, with higher levels of accuracy.

We have delivered solutions for organisations, with real-time image classification, image segmentation, precision object detection.

Image Segmentation

Deep Learning Model For Semantic
Image Segmentation

Our Advanced Solutions

Computer Vision AI

Image Segmentation

Our AI models helped customers to process large volume of images and classification in real-time.

Video Analytics

Our advanced AI models helps precise object detection & Quality Control to idenify anomalies.

Face Recognition

Our advanced AI models optimize facial recognition with precision and higher levels of accuracy.

Security Monitoring

Our AI models can reduce manual efforts in bulk image segmentation, precision object detection for Monitoring.


Our AI models can help quality control with higher levels of count and anomalies

Security Analysis

We can help automate object detection at crowed events and detect anomalies, alerts based on object recongition (objects, people).