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HaiX AI Real-time Campaign Insights

Cut down 90% of time on Ads tracking. ROI with at least 5X on Campaign spend with AI Real-time Ad Insights on leads, sales.

Are you Not getting enough ROI from high CPC & CPM costs?

Alivecore helps companies to achieve at least 40% of ROI on Facebook Marketing with real-time campaign insights with leads, conversions and Audience mentions sentiment.
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Real-time Campaign tracking100X Faster to see trends

Cut Low-performing Ads See Ads Insights in Real-time

Marketing Campaign Intelligence Achieve 40% ROI

100X Faster with Targeted Sales Insights to turn leads to Sales


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“We use HaiX vs. other Facebook Marketing tools due to its real-time insights beyond just analytics. It gave us 40% ROI with 90% time savings in monitoring our Marketing campaigns & Social Media.”

Jeffrey McDonnell
COO at EDen Energy Group

”We Partnered with HaiX to augment our Credit Rating Engine to augment Market Social Intelligence in helping our clients stay ahead with emerging Risks, trending sentiment, issues.”

Valentino Pediroda
Group CEO, Modefinance

”We use HaiX Marketing Intelligence to monitor in real-time emerging Risk and Issues in our portfolio and advise our Investment Partners to mitigate losses and stay ahead.”

Ralf M
Risk Officer a CFE Group